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These Metal Channels are mostly used in a support role in many different ways. The added inward flanges are used to add strength and for other reasons as you will soon discover. Johnson Bros. Specializes in manufacturing Custom sized Channel Struts. For example, we have customers who are in the Strut Channels or Metal Framing industries that have styles of these Struts that are used as part of their product lines. We do not compete against them. Rather, they will come to us for special needs. We will be called upon to produce Strut Channel sizes that are custom sizes or metal pre-finishes that they would not want to setup or buy a machine for, due to it’s limited repeat or one time volume. Many have come to us to run the Stainless parts as their tooling may have only been designed for plain steel characteristics in bend allowance, elongation and hardness. The Strut design may also be of a much higher complexity which they feel safer in jobbing the parts out to a specialist in Roll Forming such as Johnson Bros. Strut Channel product line customers have also sent us their raw material for us to toll form.


Besides Stainless Alloys, Johnson Bros. may be called upon to produce these parts in other metals and finishes such as Alloys, Galvanized Steel (Electro & Hot Dip), Prepainted Metals, Pre-Vinyl Coated Metals, Preplated Steel, Prepolished Metals, Preanodized Aluminum, Inconel, Cor-Ten, Clad Metals, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Plain Aluminum, Perforated, Embossed, Plain Steel & more. Post finishing is also available. These special metals and finishes are mostly used for a smaller niche of this business with more unusual usages than standard product lines are made to reach.  For example, we have an elevator company that came to us needing different dimensions for a Framing Channel, than any standard strut product line company carried. He would order 20,000 feet of this special size once or twice a year. The product line people would say he’d have to use one of their standard sizes. This just wouldn’t fit dimensionally where he needed it. Our customer’s end use was as Steel Tracks, which was very different than most uses of this style of Metal Framing. In using this as a Metal Track, the design of the inward flages in the Framing Channel served to be a guide for the roller mechanism riding inside the part. Thus, these Metal Channels can be used in a wide variety of applications almost like the many applications served with metal tubing. Some applications for these Channels are: Busducts, Track Channels, Wiring Channels, Support Channels, Metal Railings, Pipe Supports, Stiffener Channels, Reinforcement Channels, Busways, Cableways, Wire Ducts, Metal Slides, Support Railing(s), Structure Framing such as platforms and mezzanines, Cable Supports, Ceiling Attachments, Rail Stiffeners, Post Stiffeners, Steel Posts, Ceiling Fixture Supports, Raceways, Channel Tracks, Security Partition Frames & much more. When used as light duty Support Rail, these Strut like Channels may be designed as telescoping or telescopic for example as a Lighting Fixture Support that can be used for many different distances from frame to frame within the same ceiling areas, or for any other number of telescoping uses in many different industries from.


There is another feature that can be added to this channel design that makes it even more useful. Johnson Bros. can design or work from customer designs to produce a Snap-On Channel Cover or Cap for these Channels. These Covers will fit in the opening or gap in the Channel and allows for a hand press fit, a mallet press fit or even a slide-on fit. You can see an example of one of these Covers produced for a customer who used this to create a Bus Duct, Wire Duct, Wiring Channel, Wireway, Cableway, all out of the same Channel that was performing as structural framing. Many times, customers with a lot of this framing used in their facilities will look for covers like these when they want to double the usage of their channels like this. You can see an example of this Cover in print #344. You can find this print at the bottom of the CAD prints here. Finally, these Roll Formed Strut Channels and Framing can be fabricated inline with features such as: Holes, Slots, Identification, Notches, Cutouts, End Fabrications, Cut-to-Length, Knockouts, Shear Forms, Perforations, Embossing and much more, all in one forming operation to reduce your cost. These inline fabrications can in most cases be used with Prefinished Metals as well. Request a quote for our strut channels including stainless steel struts, metal struts, track struts, metal railings, steel railings, metal slides, steel slides, stainless steel tracks, metal tracks, channel tracks, and more.

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Parts are produced to order and stock reserve only kept for large blanket order shipping releases. Existing samples may or may not be available. Prototypes for large orders are feasible.

[STRUT-01]([STRUT-01.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  STRUT-01 |   CAD File
[082117-01]([082117-01.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  082117-01 |   CAD File
[13809 CR]([13809 CR.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  13809 CR |   CAD File
[14374 CR]([14374 CR.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  14374 CR |   CAD File
[270]([270.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  270 |   CAD File
[4105OR]([4105OR.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  4105OR |   CAD File
[590]([590.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  590 |   CAD File
[156]([156.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  156 |   CAD File
[G0001-LS]([G0001-LS.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  G0001-LS |   CAD File
[G0002-LS]([G0002-LS.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  G0002-LS |   CAD File
[G0003-LS]([G0003-LS.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  G0003-LS |   CAD File
[G0004-NG]([G0004-NG.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  G0004-NG |   CAD File
[G0005-LS]([G0005-LS.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  G0005-LS |   CAD File
[344]([344.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  344 |   CAD File
[269]([269.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  269 |   CAD File
[271]([271.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  271 |   CAD File
[330]([330.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  330 |   CAD File
[855]([855.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  855 |   CAD File
[351]([351.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  351 |   CAD File
[120]([120.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  120 |   CAD File
[174]([174.jpg]) - Metal Channel Struts
PDF  |  174 |   CAD File


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